COL Eva McCollaum

Title: Faculty - English
Department: Humanities
Phone: (575) 624-8198
Office: Lea Hall 110

SPRING 2019 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
ENG 03201English 3BHS
ENG 03202English 3BHS
ENG 03205English 3BHS
ENGL 132304Photojournalism & Narrative w/ Book PublJC
ENGL 1323H04Coll Photojourn&Narrative w/Book PublishHS
ENGL 133304Photojournalism & Narrative w/ Book PublJC
ENGL 1333H04Coll Photojourn&Narrative w/Book PublishHS
ENGL 134304Photojournalism & Narrative w/ Book PublJC
ENGL 1343H04Coll Photojourn&Narrative w/Book PublishHS
ENGL 222306English Literature IIJC
McCollaum, Eva
Educational Background:
I earned my Bachelor of Science in Experimental Psychology with Honors (1984) at NMIMT in Socorro. My Master of Arts in English was granted by NMSU (1992), and my terminal degree the Master of Fine Arts with emphasis in Fiction (2000) was granted by Warren Wilson College in Swananoa, North Carolina. I'm a National Writing Project Fellow. I took part in two NEH Seminars: The Dante Seminar in Siena, Italy with Ron Hertzman and William Stephany (2001) and The Montaigne Seminar in Walla Walla (1994) with Partick Henry. I studied Russian culture through opera as part of an HEN/UNM Summer Institute (220). I'm AP trained.
I began my career as a Math teacher at Deming High School (1985/6 to 1990/1) in Deming, New Mexico, but I quickly changed to my true love, English. While pursuing my MA, I taught Freshman Composition at NMSU (1991/2). After earning that degree, I went to a job fair (just to shop a little) and was offered a position at Goddard High School here in Roswell (1992/3 to 2005/6). After living in Roswell for more than a decade, I came to know many of the people who work at NMMI, and through the influence of one of them, Dr. (Colonel) Terry Cleveland, I decided to apply for a position at "the Institute". I began working here in the fall of 2006.
Honors, Awards and Publications:

For the past twelve years I have lead the JOY Writers, a cadre of mature writer who meet weekly at the JOY Center on North Montana. I study music, pottery, stained glass and writing. I am a member of RMAC and Alton's Power Block Gym.